Daniel Bosk

Email: daniel dot bosk at miun dot se
Key fingerprint: 88C0 3975 A42F 615E 01F0 C320 3F1B 0DC6 96E8 3C88
Address: Mittuniversitetet, IKS
Holmgatan 10, room L433
SE-871 70 Sundsvall
A portrait photograph of me

I'm a Lecturer in Computer Engineering working in the Department of Information and Communication Systems.

I am currently on leave to the Theoretical Computer Science group at KTH CSC. You can find my personal page at KTH CSC here.


These are courses on which I lecture, with links to some material:

The following are courses I have lectured on, but I'm not currently, links are to some material:

Most of my current material resides in GitHub. You'll find the most up-to-date work there, along with issue trackers etc.

Subject Interests

My subjects of interests are theoretical computer science, mathematics, and education. My computer science interests are in security, language technology, as well as machine learning.

I'm interested in the whole security field, but I have a soft spot for privacy---i.e. ensuring the user remains in control of his or her data. There are many aspects of this, e.g. anonymous communication, decentralized social networks. Common for all areas of my interest is that they require mathematical rigour to prove correctness.

My mathematical interests concerns cryptography, algebra and number theory. I also have a fascination for the area of mathematics in general, but particularly the foundations of mathematics.

I'm also interested in learning and education, especially within the areas mentioned above. I have a keen interest in the improvement of mathematics education in Sweden.

Also worthy of mention is probably my interest in typesetting. Hence I do all my work using LaTeX. A text which is worthy of reading is also worthy of being beautifully typeset.

Master's thesis

I did my master's thesis at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University (SU). The thesis title is A Formalisation of Swedish Upper Secondary School Mathematics, it is available as a PDF on here The thesis was nominated by KTH to the Göran Emanuelsson stipend for best degree project in mathematics education.